7.5.21 Q2 Release

Here is an overview of all the updates we've made!


Envision Cloud's New Enhanced Features! 🎉

This quarter we are excited to announce new enhanced features that will improve your user experience! As always, we specifically focus on suggestions made by business owners through our community site

We have added enhancements to:

Online Booking

💅 Multiple Service Online Booking Option  bLearnMoreButton

Now your clients can schedule multiple services when they log in to book an appointment online!

💻 Online Booking Security Features bLearnMoreButton

To secure your clients and your employees, cards stored on file now have more verification requirements.
* Holding Credit Cards on File is available in the Preferred & Ultimate versions of Envision Cloud and requires integrated credit card processing.

💲 Online Booking Pricing bLearnMoreButton

Your clients no longer have to wonder how much their service total will be when they book online! We've added a way for your clients to view their total selected service prices on the final booking screen.

👨‍👩‍👦 Family Booking LearnMoreButton

Parent accounts can now select who they want to book an appointment for when they book online!


🖨️ Print Schedule bLearnMoreButton

Right click on an empty time slot to print out an all new visual version of your employee schedule!

🔔 Employee Notifications bLearnMoreButton

Notify your employees by email or SMS when they have a new appointment and when their booking has been modified.
* SMS text messaging is available as an add-on to your Envision Cloud Subscription.

Sales & POS

🎁 Gift Card List bLearnMoreButton

Now you can easily track the tickets where individual gift cards were sold!

💰 Print Discount Amount on Receipt bLearnMoreButton

You now have the option to show line item discounts on your customers' receipts!


👥 Client ID Field bLearnMoreButton

Quickly search for client information by their assigned ID numbers! We've implemented a new Client ID field (Patient ID/MRN for our Med Spa users) which gives you the option to autogenerate clients under unique ID numbers.

🖱️ Double Clicking Appointments bLearnMoreButton

Need to edit a customer's appointment? Easily access a Client's future booking from their Client Record by double clicking one of their scheduled appointments!

💆 Customizable Service Times bLearnMoreButton

Some clients require longer or shorter service times than others. Now you can customize individual service times and store them directly to their client record! No matter if they book online or in person, their customized times will be reflected on your employee schedules!


✉️ Email Logging bLearnMoreButton

Trouble remembering which emails were sent to which Clients? Simply view all emails sent to a specific Client through their Client Record!


💱 Manual Tax for PO & Freight bLearnMoreButton

If you need to adjust your taxes for your POs, we've added a check box that enables you to manually input your tax rates. Additionally, you can now enter freight costs for shipments.

📋 Retail Item Options LearnMoreButton

Now you can disable purchase order auto-fills or mark your items as special order items conveniently on the retail item edit screen!

🏷️  Special Order Items bLearnMoreButton

Need to automate your orders on specific items? Now you can with our new Special Orders options!

📉 Inventory Quantity Adjustment Log bLearnMoreButton

A brand new report, the Inventory Quantity Adjustment Log shows you a history of inventory adjustments--including amount, date, time, location and which employees made the changes.

🔵 Department/Appointment Color bLearnMoreButton

Now you can view all the appointment colors on one page in the department list.


📄 POST Update My Record Forms bLearnMoreButton

In addition to pre-service form packs, you can now send post-service form packs to your patients after their appointment!

💥 Treatment Tab Laser Options bLearnMoreButton

Enjoy new customizable fields for your laser treatments!

🖨️ Updated Printout for the Treatment Record bLearnMoreButton

We've revamped the printout for the treatment record to include more detailed information!

🩺 Patient Portal bLearnMoreButton

Available as an add-on service, your patients can now view their medical history collected in Envision Cloud with our new 21st Century Cures Act compliant Patient Portal! 

Added Fields

🛍️ Retail List bLearnMoreButton

Added a field to view/sort by class.

💅 Service List bLearnMoreButton

Added a field to view/sort by service package, service type, and/or class.

💆 Package List bLearnMoreButton

Added a field to view/sort by class.

🍊 Other List bLearnMoreButton

Added a field to view/sort by class.

🚚 Manufacturer List bLearnMoreButton

Added a field to view/sort by company, contact, and/or phone.

📄 Vendor List bLearnMoreButton

Added a field to view/sort by company, contact, phone and/or email.