2.21.22 - Email Template Builder

New & refined marketing emails for everyone!

We heard you were wanting a fresh and easier way to make effortless beautiful emails. Well, with no extra cost we have completely revamped and reworked our entire email builder just for you! Check it out!

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🆕 New Drag n' Drop Content LearnMoreButton

Easily add content to your email within seconds by dragging it over onto your email. It can't get any simpler than that!

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🆕 Stock Photos LearnMoreButton

Choose from millions of stock photos and simply drag them into your email, right from the builder!

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🆕 Professionally Design Templates LearnMoreButton

Don't have time to create an email? No Problem, we've got you covered with our pre-written, pre-designed templates. There's one for every occasion!




🆕 Automatic Responsive Designs LearnMoreButton

Ever wonder what your email will look like on mobile device? Most people view their emails on a tablet or phone these days. We make it really easy to see what your email design will look like on mobile with a click of a button. Or, you can send a test email to yourself. Easy & simple.

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📣P.S. Don't worry about about losing any email templates you've already created. They're still there and you can still use them!

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