12.29.21 - Release Notes

An overview of a couple things we've added just for you.


We enjoy reading all the positive feedback you give Envision Cloud in our Ideas website. We acknowledge your ideas and implement the suggestions that will help the majority of our users. Here are a couple that we have recently implemented.

1. Automatically add provider's name to confirmations/ appointment reminders.

Our users informed us that adding a provider's name would bring the client more comfort and booking accuracy so we added this feature. When you click on the "Services" merge field button below the text area, it will automatically include the service provider for that service. If the client has multiple services it will list each service with first name of employee.



2. Add a Search to Standings

We've heard going through standing appointments page by page takes time from your already busy schedule. To help, we added a search field for Client, Service, and Employee so you can quickly find the standing appointment you are looking for.


3. Longer Employee Schedules

For those of you who book up years in advance, you can now open your calendar up to 2 years in advance to accommodate your busy schedule.


💡 If you have an idea that might help you and other users please submit your idea to https://ideas.envisiongo.com/