12.22.2020 - Release Notes

Updated Envision Cloud App!

The Envision Cloud App will be getting a brand-new look and some exciting new features! These new updates work to improve the aesthetics, functionality, and usability of the Envision Cloud App for employees!

Modernized Design

The aesthetic aspect of the Envision Cloud App has been redesigned to be more modern and sleek, as well as improve the user experience. You’ll notice the icons and general design elements throughout the app have been updated.


Improved Menu

The most-used menu options will now appear on the bottom of the app and additional options are available under Menu. This change will allow users to interact with the app in a more efficient manner. 

menus app

Multi-Day Appointment Viewing

With the latest update comes the ability to view up to 7 days of appointments on the Envision Cloud App. Multi-day appointment viewing allows for staff members to get a much broader view of their individual appointment schedules.

  • Schedule > Options Button in the Upper Right > Days Visible 


Today's Appointment List

Today’s Appointments List is now the home screen of the Envision Cloud App. This list offers a concise summary for the day, giving employees a convenient listing at their fingertips.

homescreen app

Employee Goal Summary (Ultimate Only)

The Employee Goal Summary will now be available, allowing the user to easily track their progress toward goals right from their smartphone. This report is based on the goals that have been assigned to an employee. 

  • Reports > Employee Goal Summary